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Day Trips


Family Vacations

Disney World!” – Tori M.

Mountains! Anywhere mountains! And any national parks, monuments, & geological points of interest.” – Heather P.

The beach!” – Kendra S.

Topsail Island! If you are looking for a quiet place to go it doesn’t get very crowded at all and it is only 3 hours from GSO!” – Nicole T.

Outdoor Adventures

Weekend Getaways

Travel Tips For Flying With Kids

“Diaper bags and strollers do NOT count towards your carry on allowance. Your one year old flie.s free. You should sit in an aisle seat for easy access to bathrooms. Yhe airline will assist you to and from the gate but will NOT carry a child or even push your stroller. Don’t feel guilty about having your child on a plane being an inconvenience to others. Ignore any looks, ask for help, and parent with confidence in ALL situations. You can do it!” – Atiba B.

“The airline will not assist you to and from gate most of the time. You may pre board however. Leave more than the minimum required 30 minutes of time between connecting flights. Don’t take the last flight of the day to your destination. This leaves room to still get there if there are any cancellations or other issues. valet check your stroller at the ramp plane side, just make certain it is properly tagged. Have suckers for them to help with the pressurization of ears. (Dum Dum suckers are perfect) Bring at least a change of clothes for each of you and snacks. empty sippy cups are great to put juice and water from the beverage service in and again helps with pressurization. Don’t always depend on electronic devices to entertain them. Battery life can dwindle fast and not always allowed when they need to be occupied. The Crayola markers that don’t mark on anything but the magic paper is perfect. Keeps the kiddos, their clothes the aircraft and you clean. Remember essentials, but don’t overpack. Pay to check your luggage because you can’t carry everything and trust me your sanity is worth it!! Don’t let the dirty looks you may get detour you. Often times I see the children better behaved than adults. I speak from mom experience and from the aviation professional side. Good luck and maybe I’ll see you on my flights!” – Vanessa W.

“PORTABLE DVD PLAYER!!!!!!!!!!” – Josie C.

“Ask your pediatrician, but most will ok a dose of sudafed or enadryl (which help handle excess fluid in the ears) for a flight to make ascent and descent easier.
*Have snacks portioned out and ready in ziploc bags, etc.
*Formula and breastmilk do not fall under the “3oz max” limit, but juices do. Get mini juice boxes and pour them into spill-proof cups on the plane.
*Get a few never-before-seen toys. Nothing major, but the novelty will make them last longer in holding the kid’s interest.
*Never underestimate the power of an mp3 player with favorite songs – just remind him/her to sing in a whisper. 
*This may seem odd, but a brand new pack of 8 crayons and a small pad of paper (of his or her own!) never failed me.
*Above all, chill out. It’s only a few hours. You WILL survive this, your kids WILL survive this, and even if they may not think so, the other passengers WILL survive this.” – Kel H.

Travel Tips

“Finding time for family vacations is hard in today’s busy world. And with the economy as it is, finding the funds to pay for the vacation is an even larger challenge. MyKidsGoFree will help you find vacation destinations that offer a break for families with kids. With the help of several friends and viewers like you, we continue to collect a list of Kid Friendly and Family Friendly vacation ideas that offer great value for your family.” – Barry Y.


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